About Chester

Chester Martin studied art in both high school and university, graduating from the University of Chattanooga (now the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) in 1961, and following four years of active duty in the US Air Force. He found immediate employment as a commercial artist, painting with "real" paint and brushes long before the Internet was ever heard of. In the evenings Chester began to paint landscapes and portraits, entering them in local, regional and national exhibitions, and winning many awards. Eventually he was attracted to medallic art, and the making of small sculptures. He won three medal design competitions in a row, which led to a position at the US Mint in Philadelphia designing coins and medals. His initials, CYM, appear on a number of US commemorative coins of the late 1980's and early '90's. He was honored to be selected as sculptor for the Gen. Colin Powell medal, the Andrew Wyeth medal, the Centennial of Yosemite National Park, among others.


Before starting his Mint career, Chester had won a national competition to design a 50th Anniversary medal and sculpture for Brookgreen Sculpture Gardens in South Carolina. The three inch medal was duly issued, depicting some of the spirals in Nature: a snail sitting on a twisting vine, and looking out toward a spiral galaxy in the heavens. And a three foot relief sculpture from the same original artwork was placed in the Gardens at their 50th Anniversary celebration - a permanent addition to the Brookgreen collection. 


After retirement from the Mint, Chester Martin resumed his interest in painting and sculpture at his home studio, and soon received one of his most prestigious awards - the "Numismatic Art Award for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture", a solid gold medal presented by the American Numismatic Association at Colorado Springs.


Chester's original liking was for landscape painting, and most of his awards were for that genre. However, in recent years he has become far more eclectic in his search for subject matter, and is currently exploring the realm of fantasy art.


None of the above would have been possible without the constant mental support of his wife of over fifty years, the former Patricia Ann Parnell.


Chester Martin has for years been listed in 'Who's Who in American Art', and 'Who's Who in America'.